​Ayu Yamane : BL/Yaoi comic artist

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My comics are available on http://read.futekya.com

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​These comics were originally written in Japanese. 

​The English versions  are available on http.read.futekiya.com,

a subscription service specialized for Yaoi/BL comics.

You can read some comics for free. 

The Stray: Yaoi/BL comic

​The Stray

Sabatora has been down on his luck. Needing money, Sabatora takes a break from college to work.


His life changes, though, when Tsuchiya shows up like a knight in shining armor to take him out for food whenever he's hungry. Despite (or because of) Tsuchiya's kindness, Sabatora's pride is hurt whenever Tsuchiya treats him and buys him gifts.


How will each of them adjust as they realize their feelings are neither that of a stray cat and its owner or even just friends, but more romantic?  (from Futekiya library) 

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​It's Fine Even If It's Just a Dream

After a scandalous allegation of sexual harassment destroys his career and blossoming romance with a subordinate, Kiyosaki transfers to the countryside. But, the past trauma still haunts Kiyosaki even as he tries to settle into a new job.


In his office, Kiyosaki’s coworkers have plenty of small-town charm and introduce him to the best local place to eat. There, he meets the cook, Sou, a curiously silent young man.


Kiyosaki continues to cross paths with Sou he gradually adjusts to his new reality. But, one fateful drunken night pulls Kiyosaki into Sou’s life...  (from Futekiya Library)

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​Necktie and Praying Mantis

A hardworking salaryman, Seiichi Natsuki has one weakness: he is scared of bugs.


After work colleague Shun Tokita rescues him from one pesky praying mantis, Natsuki falls for Tokita and confesses to him. Tokita, though not initially attracted to men, accepts Natsuki's feelings and deepens their relationship.


But, when Natsuki faces pressure to have a family and marry, Natsuki realizes he might fear more than just insects...


This collection of short stories also includes "Firework of Daisies," "A Normal Life," "Those Who Sin Against Us," and other touching stories by Ayu Yamane! (from Ftekiya library)

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Read on read.futekiya.com  *Chapter 1 for free!*


The Magician in Room 306

The class Halloween party is coming up. Since no one else wants to do it, everyone pushes Keima to invite the sullen class loner, Kii, to the event.


What they don’t know is that Keima and Kii have been close friends since childhood. But, Kii insists that Keima keep his distance at school so that Kii doesn’t ruin Kema’s popular image.


No matter what Kii says, Keima believes Kii is amazing and wants to prove it him and everyone else, too.

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Ryu's Fool

Ryu and Kotaro are close friends. One could even say, intimate friends. Every time he is in a sticky situation, Kotaro can find refuge at Ryu's apartment.


But, all this time, Ryu has harbored feelings of love for Kotaro. When Ryu decides to make a huge life change, he finally confesses his true feelings to Kotaro.


How will this change their friendship?

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​Moja & I

Moja is an artist struggling to create on his terms.

Nagara, his caring friend,


tries to support him as best he can as they live their everyday lives.

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​When That Day Comes

A school librarian, Arimura tries his best to educate his students. But, he has a hard time with one particular student named Hyuga.


When an accident forces Hyuga to stay with Arimura over a weekend, Arimura sees a new side to Hyuga that might change everything.

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